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heavy duty self aligning bearingsWelcome: Keyte Bearings are heavy duty self aligning bearings for use in a wide range of industrial applications including hydraulics.

Products: Keyte Bearings offer several advantages over standard linear roller bearings in that they allows for off center axial movement, ideal for use in mechanical systems such as tractors, diggers, civil engineering plant and cranes etc.

Keyte Bearings: Keyte Bearings offered by us include:

Hydraulic Benefits: Keyte Bearings are ideal for heavy duty hydraulic applications to maintain inline forces and removing side loads, thus reducing excessive wear on the hydraulic cylinders piston, sleeve, seals or fixed bearings, and other critical parts. Typical applications such as demolition plant, diggers, sluice gates, tractors and cranes all come under random unpredictable loads which send shear forces through the mechanical apparatus. A Keyte Self Aligning Bearing will help prevent these unpredictable forces from causing too much damage. read more...

Materials: Various materials are available for both the housings and the balls to achieve specific performance criteria such as high strength or performance in hostile environments. read more...

Treatments: Various treatments are available for both the housings and the balls to achieve specific performance criteria such as case hardening, nitro carburising and painting. read more...

Specials: We offer a full range of standard items, but specials can be made to order. A design & development service is available for customers that require prototyping, custom bearings and specific features. read more...

Further Enquiries: If you have a requirement for either a stock item or a custom made component, feel free to call now on 01276 670063 or use our web form contact page which allows you to send drawings direct from your desktop.

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